Dani Mosbrucker

Dani Mosbrucker


C&J: 225lbs

OHS: 225lbs

Unbroken Karen

2:14 Fran

225ft. Unbroken Handstand Walk


Boise State Bachelors in Kinesiology
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

About Coach

Born and raised in Idaho, I grew up playing a handful of sports before eventually settling into 11 years of competitive gymnastics. I went to college at Boise State University and found a new sport to love; cheerleading. Being a Boise State Cheerleader was the highlight of my college experience. Almost one year into school, I came across the most impactful fitness program I have ever seen, CrossFit! I’ve been coaching CrossFit since 2015 and spent the summer of 2016 training with my team to compete at the CrossFit Games. Outside of the CrossFit gym, I really enjoy spending time outdoors with my 2 German Shepard dogs, finding new places to get a cup of coffee, and traveling as much as I can. I swear I was supposed to be born somewhere tropical because my soul craves the hot summer sun and a beach!

Turning Point

As someone who competed in the sport of gymnastics for almost the entirety of my childhood, I was used to having long lean muscles and a 6-pack for as long as I could remember. But that all changed when I entered my freshman year of college. I went from training 6 days a week in my sport, to living a fairly sedentary college lifestyle. This included unhealthy food choices, alcohol, lack of a decent sleep schedule, and new birth control that rocked my world. I mean I gained nearly 25lbs within the first 6 months of college. After I returned back to school from Christmas break I was determined to get myself back into shape. I tried a couple of popular diet trends that seemed to be working for my friends, added workout apps to my phone, and did my best to navigate the weight room at the Boise State Rec center with absolutely no weightlifting experience. But after months I hadn’t been able to be consistent and had no progress. The next day I drove myself over to Boise CrossFit and tried a free class. That was back in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. In my first 6 months as a new member, I gained friends and coaches who turned into my accountability, learned how to move and lift weight correctly, and had the most fun in fitness I’d ever had. It truly changed my life in all aspects.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach, I enjoy working with entry-level people because they have everything in the world to discover about CrossFit! I love seeing people achieve things they never thought possible and then taking that confidence and mentality into their everyday lives.

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