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Friday kids

Warm up:
Mixed Tabata
Skill work:
Handstand kick up
AMRAP in a given amount of time of
3 Cartwheels
10 Mountain Climbers
3 Forward rolls
15m Bear crawl


Thursday masters

Warm Up x 3

10 KB squats
10 push ups
5 weighted sit ups
5 strict leg raises


Bottom position of the squat
Downward dog
Downward dog + stepping


Try-pod pose working way up to a head stand


3 rounds for time

1 min row (calories)
1 min shuttle run (20yds)
2 min rest
1 min burpees
2 min rest



Thursday 120816


Registration for the Whole Life Challenge is now OPEN!!

In addition, there will be a prize given to the person who gets the most Friends & Family not currently doing CrossFit to join them in the event.

The winner gets

And if you’re in the C.O.N.U.S., the Whole Life Challenge will provide airfare.

CrossFit is Dangerous??? And How It Very Literally Saved My Life.

3 rounds for time of:
20 Deadlifts @Bodyweight
10 Burpee Box Jumps


Wednesday 120815

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch Drop.


1a) 3XME T2B – rest 45 sec.
1b) 3XME HSPU – kipping is allowed, rest 45 sec.
1c) 3X20 KBS – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.
1d) 3X5 Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Press – heaviest possible, rest 45 sec.


Wednesday kids

Warm up:
Farmers and Lumberjacks
Skill work:
Balance Drills
AMRAP in a given amount of time of
7 Box jumps
1 Cartwheel
7 Push press
1 Cartwheel
7 Toes to bar
1 Cartwheel


Tuesday 120814


Did your snatch look like this today???

The Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness challenge designed to turn you into a diggin’ deep, nose-to-the-grindstone, what are you made of, no-crying-in-CrossFit, swinging for the fences master of your physical and mental destiny! The WLC started at CrossFit LA a year and a half ago, and this time you’ll be playing with 10,000-20,000 people from affiliates around the world!

Entry Fee: $45 for everyone–all members, friends, and family.
Prelims: Saturday, September 15th
Finals: Saturday, November 10th
Registration: You can register online at starting on August 15th
Friends & Family may play along with you, but you must be registered first to invite them to join.

The challenge winner will have to succeed in 3 areas:

Performance – Improve your work, improve your play
Body Transformation – Get lean & mean
Accountability – Play every day!

How the game is played:

You will be measured in the beginning and the end of the challenge to track your improvement – body and performance.
Every day you will be challenged to live by these rules, and earn up to 6 points daily:

    • Nutrition – No grains or starches (including corn and soy), no sugar (artificial or natural), no alcohol, soda or juice, no dairy and no artificial or processed foods. You can earn up to 3 points maximum for each day of nutrition. Violate one of your rules and subtract 1 point. The lowest score you can get on any day is 0.


    • Workout – Every day. The rule is 10 minutes minimum, and you get to say if it was a workout for you. You will receive 1 point for working out.


    • Mobilization – Stretch daily, 10 minutes minimum. You can do this any way you want. You will receive 1 point for stretching/mobilizing.


    • Fish oil – A daily dose of fish oil. There is no minimum, but research suggests 4000mg combination of EPA/DHA per day.

Every day by 3:00 you will log into the scoreboard and report how you did the previous day. You only have until 3:00 each day, after that you will receive a 0 for the day before, so make it a habit!

All participants in the challenge will receive:
+ Access to the Whole Life Challenge WORLDWIDE online scoreboard
+ A “Pre-Game Huddle” seminar – Want to give yourself the best shot? Come to a 1 hour meet-up to cover the basics of setting yourself up: preparing your home and kitchen, shopping and preparing food, and strategies
+ Access to a Whole Life Challenge blog with coaching, support, recipes and videos
+ Access to the Whole Life Challenge discussion forums for getting together with other participants to trade experiences, successes, breakdowns, tips, “cheats” and to lend and give support.
+ A post-challenge party & celebration!

CASH & PRIZES for Winners!

WOD 120814
*The Back Squats are based off of YOUR THREE REP MAX.

4X8 Back Squats @ 80% – rest 2 minutes.


3 rounds for time of:

9 Front Squats 185/120#
12 Strict Pullups
50 Double-Unders


Monday kids

3 rounds
1 Handstand roll out -> 5 Dot drills -> 5 Sit ups -> 5 Burpees -> 1 vertical jump
Skill work:
Cartwheels: hand and foot placement drills
As many KB swings as possible in a given amount of time on the following rotation
30 sec Bear crawl – Crab walk switches
30 sec KB swings
_For each round alternate which shoulder you rotate over to switch between bear crawl and crab walk (1st round right, 2nd round left, etc…)