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Wednesday 120502

Clean and jerk
5×3, rest 45 seconds between sets, use 70% of max

“Brothers in arms”
3 rounds for time
20 kettlebell swings, 2pood
17 box jumps, 30″
9 push jerk, 155lb


Tuesday 120501

Bench press
5-5-5 @ 30X0

10 rounds
Sprint 100m
Rest 60 seconds
run as if your life depended on it


Monday 120430


*These 3 thrusters are to be done without any pauses.

Thruster, 95/65


Boise CrossFit Kids

Hello Crossfitters! Spring is officially here and summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t already it’s time for you and the ENTIRE family to get healthy and strong for summer. CrossFit Kids has been up and running for two months and our numbers keep growing. Haven’t heard about CrossFit Kids yet?! CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely absolutely CrossFit geared and designed for a special population and the specific developmental needs of that population. (neurological, cognitive, motor) We are currently offering CrossFit Kids for Preschool ages 3-5, CrossFit Kids ages 5-12, and NEW CrossFit Teens ages 12-18. Placement into a class is based on the individual child’s skill level, maturity, and where the trainer feels your child will fit in best.
For more information contact Ashley at

Schedule Updates! New Class Time on Sunday! New, CrossFit Teens!
CrossFit Kids Preschool – Wednesday @ 5:00 – Sunday @ 12:00

CrossFit Kids –
Monday @ 5:00
Wednesday @ 5:00
Sunday @ 12:00

CrossFit Teens –
Wednesday @ 5:45

Free Class! Come by and try a class, the first one is always FREE! *Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and a waiver MUST be signed prior to the class*



As Rx’d Skill Checklist challenge

Next Sunday (May 6th) we are doing an As Rx’d Skill Checklist Challenge!

There are 32 skills. The skills are done in order, one after another, with a five minute break after the first 16 skills. All participants will turn their checklist card into the moderator. The cards will be shuffled and the order the participants move in will be set for the entire Challenge. The participants will go one after another through each skill. Each skill will be set up immediately after completion of the previous skill. There are a few skills where two or more participants will perform at the same time. The moderator will determine how many participants will move at one time.

If a participant fails an attempt, you get a second attempt before the class moves onto the next skill. If you fail more than two first attempts, you do not pass the Challenge. If you fail your second attempt on one exercise, you will get one more chance at the end of the Challenge to attempt the skill again.

Here are the 32 skills and their standards:

  1. 5 reps- front squat (155/105). Crease of hip below parallel and full hip extension at top of squat.
  2. 5 reps- overhead squat (95/65). Crease of hip below parallel and full hip extension at top of squat.
  3. 5 reps deadlift (225/155). Full extension at top of lift and hands must stay on bar for all five reps.
  4. 5 reps- kettle bell swing (32kg/20kg). Arms must stay straight and ears must be in front of arms in overhead position.
  5. 3 reps- thruster (135/95). Crease of hip below parallel and ears in front of arms in overhead position.
  6. 15 reps- wall ball (20/14). Crease of hip below parallel. Ball must touch wall and go OVER the 10’ mark. Must catch ball on every rep. A drop of ball constitutes a failed attempt.
  7. 5 reps- squat clean (135/95). Must catch bar in full squat position with crease of hip below parallel. Must stand to full hip extension with elbows in front of bar. Hands must stay on bar for all five reps.
  8. 5 reps- jerk (135/95). Ears in front of arms in locked out overhead position. Push jerk or split jerk.
  9. 3 reps- squat snatch (135/95). Must catch in squat position with crease of hip below parallel. Must stand to full hip extension. Must keep hands on bar for all three reps. You can keep attempting as long as you get three in a row and don’t let go of the bar.
  10. 3 reps (each arm)- one arm dumbbell snatch (50/35). Must catch in full squat with crease of hip below parallel. Dumbbell never touches ground during all six attempts.
  11. 5 reps- Dumbbell hang squat clean (50/25). Must catch in squat with crease of hip below parallel.
  12. 5 reps- press (95/65). Ears in front of arms in locked out overhead position.
  13. 5 reps- push press (135/95). Ears in front of arms in locked out overhead position.
  14. 5 reps- sumo deadlift high pull (95/65). Elbows above bar in high pull position.
  15. 15 reps- ball slam (20/12). Arms straight overhead in top position with ears in front of arms. Must catch ball on bounce while in squat position. Dropping ball constitutes a failed effort.
  16. 5 reps- bench press (BW/66% of BW)
  17. 10 reps- kipping pull-ups. Full extension of arms at bottom. Chin over bar at top.
  18. 5 reps- strict pull-ups. Full extension of arms at bottom. Chin over bar at top.
  19. 1 ascent- rope climb 15’. Must start on with butt on ground. Using feet is okay.
  20. 3 reps L pull-up. Toes must be above hips at the start and end of pull-up. You can lower the legs at every rep, but toes must be above hip before you start pull-up motion.
  21. 3 reps- muscle-up. Must turn palms out at bottom prior to beginning movement. Must turn palms forward when over the rings before returning to start position. Must not come off the rings for all three reps.
  22. 25 reps- push-up. On count of judge. Down, hold, up, hold. Chest touches deck. Full extension of arms at top of push-up.
  23. 5 reps- slapping push-ups. Touch chest to deck, then both hands must touch the chest when at top of the push-up.
  24. 10 reps- bar dips. Shoulders below elbow at bottom position. Arms straight at top position.
  25. 5 reps- ring dips. Shoulders below elbows at bottom position. Must turn palms forward when over the rings at finish position.
  26. 5 reps- handstand push-ups. Forehead touches deck. At top position, head comes forward and ears are in front of arms.
  27. 10 reps- burpee. Chest touches deck. 6” jump.
  28. 10 reps- GHD sit-up. One hand touches ground at bottom position. One hand touches foot post at top position.
  29. 10 reps- kipping knees to elbows. Done on rings. Knees must go over the elbow. Arms must stay straight.
  30. 10 reps- rebounding box jumps 20”. Must jump as soon as feet touch the ground. Must get full hip extension jumping off box.
  31. 3 reps (each leg)- one leg squat. Butt must go to ankle depth. You leg extended cannot touch ground for all three reps.
  32. 10 reps- double under. Self explanatory.

We will plan to kick things off around 10am at the start of open gym. This thing takes some time to get through, like upwards of 2 hours, so bring some food for the break period. Also we would like to get 2-3 volunteers to help us move consistently from station to station, if you’re interested in joining the challenge or helping volunteer, sign up on the whiteboard or email


Thursday 120426


Clean and jerk
Take 15 minutes to find your 1 rep max for the day

Rope climb
Clean and jerk (use bodyweight or 66% of max)

If you get over 225lbs in the strength portion, you will have the option of doing the 2011 CrossFit Games Event 3!