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Wednesday 170222


Wednesday 170222

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

1. Are you signed up for the Open? Sign up for the Boise CrossFit Men vs Women competition!
Scoring: TOTAL Open score for each team + Bonus Points for each team member that completes the participation challenge at Friday Night Lights. Prizes and a year of bragging rights are at stake.

Week 1 FNL Participation Challenge: Rep your squad.
Ladies: Blackout
Men: wear Blue

2. Friday Night Lights!
Join us every Friday night for the next 5 weeks as we complete the Open workouts in officially judged heats. Regular class schedule will still be in effect during the day, but if you want to complete the Open workout a fun high-energy environment (and earn participation points for your team) make sure you attend. First Heat will start at 4:30pm, times will vary based on workout. Heat sign ups begin Thursday after the announcement party. Get to the gym early enough to warmup up. Heats will start on time!

3. Enter to win a free UNLIMITED month of CrossFit. Pass your judge’s cert and bring in your certificate to be entered to win. You won’t be forced to judge if you do not want the responsibility. Just the certificate is enough to win!

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP for 23 minutes. Teams of 3, one working at a time (1:2 work:rest)

12 Calorie row

12 12′ shuttle sprints

12 Dumbell burpee Deadlifts 50/35lb
Partner A begins on the rower and races through one round. Once they exit the rower, partner B may enter the rower and MUST RESET the monitor to zero. Once partner A completes the shuttle and dumbbell burpee deadlifts, hand tag the next partner on the rower to begin. Continue this pattern for partner C. After partner C competes their round, partner A is up again.

For the dumbbell burpee deadlift, burpee will be done hands on the dumbbell handles.