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Wednesday 130724


Wednesday 130724


First events of the 2013 CrossFit Games started Tuesday with the masters (40+) and today with the individuals. Check out the events and updates all weekend here I believe ESPN will carry some events live, but you’ll have to double check which ones and when.

Schedule note:
There will be some cancelled classes while Chazz and I are in LA for the CrossFit games this weekend. Thursday 6:45, Friday 5:45 and Monday 6:45 will be cancelled.
Thanks to the coaches that were able to step forward and cover the gym while we are gone!

21 rep max deadlift

After a thorough warmup, build up to a weight you feel you want to attempt this at. You’re pretty much only going to take 1 crack at this, so make it count.

Death by burpees

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  1. Andy

    355 for 18 reps. Just couldn’t hold onto the bar any longer. MORE CHALK!

    Travis and I did
    Bench press 135
    GHD sit-up
    11:56 and Travis was like 11:07.

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