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Tuesday 120508


Tuesday 120508

Power snatch

4 rounds
500m row
12 toes to bar
12 burpees
Rest 2 minutes

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  1. JimG

    Wow that was some work!
    Kathy and Lindsay are really putting together a Masters Class! Great job on the turnout ladies. And even a bigger shoutout to all of the athletes who come!!! Especially my friends Cris , Susie and Gary.

    1. Peggy Rollens

      I’m so impressed with Kathy’s Masters class! What a great group of people working hard and having fun!

  2. Melissa

    Snatch: 105#
    Wod: 20:06
    Our evening class had to do 2 rounds with a 400 meter run. I am SURE my time would have been much slower if I had rowed those 2 rounds.

    1. Nicole

      Mel!!!!! I knew you were going to beat my time dang you!!!! That row was straight h#$%
      21:25. Good job p.s. 🙂

      1. Melissa

        It’s hard to compare since I did 2 runs/2 rows! You rocked the toes to bar, I was like, who is that when I walked into the gym;-) Figured it out quick!!!

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