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Thursday 130711


Thursday 130711


This picture is of Alyson. Her parents are local CrossFitters in Nampa at Snake River CrossFit. On Sunday, their family was involved in a car accident and Wednesday the decision was made to take Alyson off life support. You can read more here.
I knew Alyson’s mom, Sarah, as she had been by the gym before. I also remember this precious little girl being with her and carrying some weights around as Sarah and I talked CrossFit.
On Monday I had heard there was an accident and that Alyson had some serious injuries. Sarah is a firefighter with the Nampa Fire dept and I heard she had to perform CPR on Alyson. I can’t even imagine how hard that would be. When I found out earlier today that Alyson didn’t make it my heart absolutely sank. Please keep Alyson, Sarah, Tom and the rest of the Defur family in your thoughts and prayers.
I have asked Sarah’s coaches about setting up a Hero workout in Alyson’s honor. As we work towards exactly what and when I will let you all know.

5 rounds, not for time

Bench press, 5 reps
Weighted step ups, 10 reps, alternate legs, 24/20″ box.
Deadlift, 1 rep

Step ups are done with the bar in the front rack position. Stand entirely with working leg before bringing the back leg in contact with the box. DO NOT bring both feet onto the box and use both legs to stand.

Chose your own weights. Post loads to comments.

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  1. Kelly Addis

    Any chance that hero workout could get turned into a fundraiser of sorts for the family? The Defur family was apart of softball in the 208 (quite a large community as far as softball goes). I bet I could get some non-crossfit folks to join this Hero workout.

  2. Kelly Addis

    Aly wasn’t taken off life support yet, just fyi. The Defur family is still praying for a miracle and invite you to as well.

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