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Saturday masters


Saturday masters

Warm up:
Burgener warm up x 3: Twice with the pvc pipe, once with a bar.

Mobility WOD

Bottom position of the squat: Butt up against the wall. Feet flat against the wall knees out. Elbows resting against the inside of the knees, gently apply pressure to the knees. 5 seconds on 10 seconds off. Move feet a little wider keep pulling butt to heels. Reach back and put your hands on the ground. Dismount and try OHS and see if able to squat more up right.

Hip Capsule: Put left foot against the wall while left knee is on the floor. Bring right leg across so that the right foot rests across the left knee to get exterior rotation. Try and keep the line of force moving through the femur to the ground. Force should be felt in the direction towards the ground. Move around; come in and out, back and forth. Play with it. Stand up and bring knee to chest then the other and notice the difference. Repeat with opposite leg.

Band: Double up on the band and grab it by right hand. Exteriorly rotate your shoulder, bringing the left hand up to the right wrist and hold it. Then wind down and open up the shoulder capsule. Kick the right leg back tying in the lat all the way down the back. Move around, contract and relax. Test and retest by holding hands directly over head. See if you can tell the difference. Repeat with opposite arm.

First rib rolls: Drive ball into the 1st and 2nd rib area between spine and scapula; up by the neck/trap area. Drive the ball by keeping your butt off the ground. Hang out a bit after each arm movement before moving to the next one and maintain exterior rotation. While changing angles be sure to keep your arm straight. Put arm out at your side. Move arm across the body. Move arm above your head trying to get your arm up next to the face. Now bring your palm to the sky and retry bringing your arm above your head to get arm even closer to your face.

Back squat: 3-3-2-2
rest 2-3 minutes between sets

3 rds
30 seconds – Thrusters
30seonds – rest
30 seconds – rings rows
30 seconds – rest
60 seconds – DU/singles
60 seconds – rest


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