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Monday 160328


Monday 160328

Boise CrossFit – CrossFit

Congratulation on finishing the open! Please join us tonight at 7pm (no class) for some snacks and drinks and awards.

We are retiring the 10:30a and 7p classes. We have some plans in the near future for some specialty classes. One of which you may join us for this Thursday at 7, ROMWOD! This class will be free for BCF members and not count towards your 3x a week membership. This would also be appropriate to attend in addition to the workout of the day.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

1 round of:

100 double-unders

50 squats

Handstand walk, 25 meters

Then, 2 rounds of:

60 double-unders

30 squats

Handstand walk, 15 meters

Then, 3 rounds of:

40 double-unders

20 squats

Handstand walk, 10 meters