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Monday 130513


Monday 130513


2013 CrossFit Games tickets go on sale around 11am today. If you have ANY desire to go I highly recommend picking these up TODAY! These sell out amazingly fast and this year I imagine will be the same. Check here for details, they will be announcing the ticket release on the CrossFit games Facebook page.

20 rep back squat
This is week 3 (of 4) and by now you should have an idea what weights you’re doing and what is challenging for you. Try to find something this week that pushes you to possibly not making it all the way to 20, you can give it one more shot next Monday. Challenge yourself today.

For time:
25 handstand push-ups
50 toes to bar
800m run
75 push press 75/55lb
150 double unders

25 minute time cap

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