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Masters Saturday


Masters Saturday


Warm Up

Burgener Warm up x 3

We will do this as a group, but please view video online here. Go to gallery video and instructional. There you will find both links for the Burgener warm up and the Snatch Transfer Skills.

Power shrug x 3
Power shrug +elbows high & outside x 3
Power shrug + elbows high and outside + muscle snatch x 3
Continue to the overhead position x 3
Keep bar in OH position drop & land feet 2-3″ outside hips with bent knees x3
Muscle snatch & land

Then x 3

Overhead squat x 3
Pressing snatch balance x 3
Heaving snatch balance x 3
Snatch balance x 3


Hang Snatch


4 rounds, rest exactly 1 minute between rounds

6 push press
9 overhead lunges with plate
12 jumping pull ups


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