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Kevin Ogar


Kevin Ogar


Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With Kevin Ogar

Written by C.J. Martin

We just wrapped up a weekend of competition at the OC Throwdown, and while there is much to celebrate and recap, now is not the appropriate time for that. The full focus and energy of the Invictus community should be with Kevin Ogar. Kevin suffered a significant spinal cord injury during a snatch event at today’s competition. As reported by his friends at Barbells for Boobs, Kevin does not yet have voluntary movement below his waist.

I don’t know Kevin personally, but I know the character of athletes in this community. I know that in order to get to Kevin’s level of performance an athlete has to show years of dedication, hard work and continually overcome perceived obstacles. I also know that Kevin is part of a community that will provide their unrelenting support to ensure that he has the resources he needs during his recovery.

As is far too common in our industry – and among seemingly invincible young, high-level athletes – Kevin is uninsured. His recovery process will take time and resources, and I believe that as a community we must rally together to ensure that money is not an obstacle in helping him receive the highest quality health care. Fundraising efforts are being organized, and Invictus will give it’s full support to those fundraising efforts as soon details are finalized. In the meantime, I ask that you direct your thoughts and prayers to Kevin Ogar and his family.

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  1. Ivory Carr

    I am sick over this. Kevin and his surgeons are on my prayer list for a overwhelmingly successful series of surgeries and a thorough recovery. The last thing Kevin should have to worry about is how to pay for proper medical care. Let us know how the Boise CrossFit community can show our support both in action and in fundraising. It looks like the Barbells for Boobs fundraising page will be live this afternoon with all proceeds going to Kevin and that appears to be the recommended source for submitting donations.

    Just a quick little bit of math in my brain says: approximately 7500 affiliates worldwide, if each raised just $100 for Kevin’s fund that would be about $750,000 and a major impact!

    I hope this link to the B4B’s recent status post works:
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    Post by Barbells for Boobs.

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