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Friday 140627


Friday 140627

Main – CrossFit

Asana Climbing tonight after classes!!
111 E 48th St
Cost to enter is covered and it’s only $5 if you need to rent shoes. Payette brewing is a half block away and they also usually have a food truck.
Start arriving around 7pm and they’ll be open until 10.

Weighted chest-to-bar pullup (Find 1RM)

Perform 3-5 “challenging” hspu after each pull-up attempt.

Metcon (Time)

500 Air squats**
**1 rope climb each time you break your set.

I apologize in advance for this. PLEASE scale where necessary!!! Every once in a while I like to do something dumb. I think this workout is one of them. In fact I know it is, but i like the challenge. You are now invited to join me 🙂

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