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Friday 120817


Friday 120817


Can you name these 5 girls??

Choose Your Girl.

Click here to pick one of the CF benchmark girls. When you come in to the gym, simply tell your coach which girl you’re going to take on, warmup, and get to work. This is your opportunity to pick your poison (or pleasure if you’re into that), and have no one to blame but yourself if you end up in a heaving pile of sweaty goo after your first “Barbara” or “Eva” (try that one, I dare you).

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  1. Ivory

    Really? Haha…decisions decisions! Too bad I’ve got three WOD’s in this week already because I’ve never gotten an Rx Fran time so that beeotch would be going down! 😉

    Also, I am sad because I just realized that Isabel we did this week wasn’t legit…135#, dang!!!

    PS…Linda scares the crap out of me, that is ridiculous. I’d need to lose 100 pounds before I try that one!

    1. Ivory

      Like I said earlier…badass vs. bat shit crazy, fine line.

      So I want to know the girls weights on all of these then. Where is that listed?

      1. Peggy Rollens

        I know there’s controversy about including a women’s Rx weight, but it really, really bugs me when there’s no women’s Rx weight indicated!

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