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Saturday 131102


Saturday 131102


Celebrate!! It’s over!
Congrats to all of you who were able to stick with the WLC! 2 months is a long time. We will wrap up the measuring and final workout today at 10am. It might take a few days to get all the scores in and any stragglers to get caught up but I’ll have the $500 prize winner ASAP!

2013 WLC WOD
Max set of strict pull-ups, 1 min cap
2 minute rest period
3 rounds for time (starting at 3:00)
500m row or 400m run
12 deadlifts, 155/105lb
21 box jumps, 20″ (FGB style)
Subtract 3 seconds from finishing time for each pull-up.

Please double check your workout from last time re any mods or scaling.

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